Sunday, October 12, 2014


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As seen at the First Things blog and from a person we can reasonably infer is a Muslim we have some further insight into the ISIL problem. WHY exactly are so many persons finding the insurgent group and their declaration of a Caliphate a matter of joy?

"What Makes ISIS Appealing?" by Ayman S. Ibrahim

  "With widespread news about ISIS selling kidnapped women and girls as sex slaves, smiting necks of non-Muslims, or expelling them from their homes, one would assume that everyone on the planet views ISIS as wicked. Yet not only in the Muslim-majority countries, but also in Europe, Australia, and even the U.S., ISIS has drawn support . . .  What in the world makes these individuals love ISIS?"

Here are three possibilities:

* "First, ISIS knows how to use the Qur’ān. In every possible way, the militant group attempts to support its claims and actions through Islam’s scripture. ISIS’s members use not only Islamic, but specifically Qur’ānic terms, verses, and rhetoric heavily."

* "Second, ISIS knows how to use the early Muslim history to support its claims and military operations."

* "Third, ISIS is quite appealing to some as it serves as the fulfillment of the long awaited dream of the one unified Muslim umma (community)."

Among the umma many insurgent groups taking  notice of the Caliphate and pledging allegiance to same. From Nigeria to the Philippines. Rallying to the call of ISIL still a minor trend among Muslims world-wide, but the phenomenon growing.


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