Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This is coolbert:

A favorite topic for the main stream media is military service academy scandal. Normally blown out of proportions and endlessly talked about over and over. Here with one more instance.

Loud music, strobe lights, drinking of alcohol, "making out" with the cheerleaders!! OH MY!

"West Point Superintendent Takes Blame for Football Scandal"

 "West Point's top officer Sunday took full blame for the school's recruiting violations this year that included courting high school football players with alcohol and VIP treatment on a raucous bus ride."
. . . .

"The incident involved 20 cadets, including 17 football players, and 14 recruits who were taken by a chartered bus under police escort to a bowling alley and bar at New York's Palisades Mall. There, cadets and recruits used entertainment money from the football team -- $40 each -- to buy alcohol."

"Cadets reported drinking as many as seven drinks in 90 minutes before a bus ride home that included loud music, strobe lights and cheerleaders making out"

Those military service academies [Naval, Army, Air Force] take their sports very seriously. And all want to be THE WINNER! And the recruitment process to find the top athletes is very difficult. That regimen of academics, military drill and discipline and sports is difficult for anyone. Producing the winning team is hard enough under normal circumstances and for the military academy that much worse. And woe to those caught cheating.

And the American people EXPECT the military academies to maintain the highest level of decorum, sportsmanship and honor all at the same time, yes indeed, EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH!!

The army football program used to be right up there with the top dozen collegiate teams in the nation but has not been so for many decades now. The competition for the top high school prospects is too great and most students shy away from the military life style. You go with what you can get!


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