Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Space Plane.

This is coolbert:

The two year secret mission is over and is evidently successful. And the purpose of the space flight is a mystery. Well kept it seems, everyone is guessing.

The little space plane that works!

   "X-37B Space Plane Returns: 5 Theories About Its Secret Mission"

"After spending nearly two years in orbit on a secret mission, the U.S. Air Force's mysterious X-37B space plane landed today (Oct. 17) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California . . . very little is known about the record-setting flight."

The cut-down version of the space shuttle but without crew, remotely controlled. That American space program it seems confined now to the X-37B. At least it flies well.

"But what has the space plane actually been doing in orbit? The top-secret nature of the X-37B missions has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. Here are some ideas about the X-37B's purpose":

* "Surveillance"

* "Space bombing"

* "Interfering with other satellites"

* "Spying on the Chinese space station"

* "Deploying spy satellites"

Maybe all of the above? Radio relay too? MUOS is out there but Iridum is slowly decaying away and the X-37 allows for instantaneous American military communication from any point on the planet?


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