Thursday, October 2, 2014


This is coolbert:

These events now occurring on an almost clock-work basis. A growth business.

"Russian Su-27 Flanker performs dangerous intercept putting itself within 10 meters of Swedish plane"

"Once again, Russian Su-27s have been involved in a dangerous close encounter with a plane they have intercepted. The Swedish Air Force operates a pair of Gulfstream IVSP aircraft, known in Swedish service as S102B Korpen, used for ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) purposes."

"The aircraft, based on the American Gulfstream business jet but equipped with eavesdropping sensors, conduct surveillance missions in the Baltic Sea"

"Nevertheless, as reported by the Swedish media outlet SvD Nyheter, the Swedish spyplanes are almost always intercepted by Russian armed fighter jets on Quick Reaction Alert at the Russian airbase in the Kaliningrad enclave."

KALININGRAD. Russian territory and heavily militarized. At least it was during the Cold War. An itty-bitty Russian enclave surrounded by NATO member states.

Used to be called Koenigsberg and was the capital of East Prussia.

It is not that the intercept occurred but that the ELINT aircraft was buzzed so closely.

Increased and more aggressive counter-intelligence/counter-reconnaissance usually a sign that SOMETHING OF IMPORTANCE IS BEING HIDDEN.


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