Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This is coolbert:

From and thanks to the tip from Freeper we have more on a topic I have been following for some time.

Female submariners!!

Women already to a degree integrated into the submarine force and evidently doing quite well for themselves. Making a mark even?

And the process continues. The final objective two of the newest Virginia class nuclear submarines to be "manned" fully and completely by all-women crews.

"Female Sailors to be Assigned to Submarines with Female Officers"

"The Navy said it will deploy enlisted female sailors in 2016 aboard submarines with female officers already assigned to them."

. . . .

"There are currently more than 100 female Navy officers serving on submarines"

"'They are doing well,' Connor said." [Vice Adm. Mike Connor, commander Atlantic submarine force]

As you might expect they are doing well. That process of selection for those women of the officer class I might think that MOST METICULOUS POSSIBLE. And my understanding officers with the function of nuclear propulsion specialists. Running those nuclear reactors and keeping them working in good order. WOMEN POSSESSING PHYSICS DEGREES FOR THE MOST PART!


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