Saturday, October 4, 2014

Khorasan Group.

This is coolbert:

As heard on the National Public Radio [NPR] radio broadcast an update on the Khorasan Group.

These particulars apply:

* Are not an affiliate of Al Qaeda. Are hard core Al Qaeda.

* Embedded within the Al Nusra Front for security purposes.

* Consists of about twenty-five unlawful enemy combatants and about one hundred support personnel.

* Function as a Shura [council] and as a Forward Operating Base [FOB].

* Poach foreign combatants from among the various other anti-Assad factions fighting in Syria.

Khorasan hoping to take advantage of the chaos in Syria, train and deploy operatives for foreign operations.

And in all cases Khorasan legitimate targets for American air strikes and special operations troops if and when they can be found.


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