Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anbar & Hit.

This is coolbert:

More bad news from Iraq. Yet one more Iraqi army installation has been captured by the forces of ISIL. A long siege has come to an end, Iraqi national army troops having to flee for their lives.

"Militants take Iraq army camp as bombs hit Baghdad"

"BAGHDAD (AP) — Militants with the Islamic State group on Monday captured a military training camp in western Iraq, inching closer to full control of the restive Anbar province"
. . . .

"Iraqi troops, overstretched and overwhelmed by the Islamic State group's summer blitz that seized large swaths of territory in western and northern Iraq, continued to come under pressure Monday in the western Anbar province, where militants seized an Iraqi military training camp."

"The camp, near the town of Hit that fell to the insurgents earlier this month, was overrun in the morning hours after clashes with Iraqi soldiers who were forced to abandon the camp and withdraw from the area"

Anbar province now mostly under the control of ISIL. That is the main Sunni area of Iraq.

The central government of Iraq and their military units just seem to be incapable of dealing with the ISIL threat. There seems to be no amelioration to the problem. At some point everyone is going to have to agree that ISIL is here to stay and learn to live with it?


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