Thursday, October 9, 2014


This is coolbert:

Most unusual that you find an American having traveled to the ground Middle Eastern battleground and taken up arms with the Kurdish militia.

But here he is. Sadar!! Sadar also having an American military background apparently.

"Why did Wisconsin's Jordan Matson go to Syria to fight terrorists?"

"Jordan Matson, 28, of Racine, was tired of seeing Christians killed and wanted to help conquer the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, he told USA Today from a hospital room in Syria, where he is recovering from a shrapnel wound to the foot."

"He found the Kurdish People's Protection Unit on Facebook via a Google search and posed as a doctor to get into Syria and help them, said Matson, who now uses the name Sadar."

"Matson doesn't speak Kurdish and communicates with his fellow anti-terrorist fighters mostly through sign language"

"A former Army private first class, he is not getting a salary for fighting with the Kurds."

Sadar [his nom de guerre] currently fighting with the YPG in Kobane Has apparently been wounded. YPG defending that besieged city [Kobane] against continuous and frenzied ISIL attack, the situation perilous.

At least to my knowledge no American since the Rhodesian Bush War having fought with a foreign power in the capacity of soldier. Sadar hardly a mercenary as that term understood, NOT RECEIVING PAYMENT IN RETURN FOR HIS SERVICES!


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