Friday, October 17, 2014

White Shroud.

This is coolbert:

To a degree this reminds me of the Phoenix Program from that era of the Vietnam War.

Irregulars fighting other irregulars. No-holds-barred clandestine and secretive warfare between Syrian nationals and ISIL combatants.

"Shrouds on the Ground Striking Fear Within ISIS ranks"

"Determination and raw courage of ‘Shrouds on the Ground'"

"The dithering U.S.-led ‘Coalition of the Reluctantly Willing’ has been left in the back seat by small groups of Syrian guerrillas successfully hunting down and eliminating the terrorists of ISIS."

. . . .

“Terrorist organisation Islamic State is now under attack from guerrillas itself, it was revealed today.  'Small groups of Syrians are hunting down ISIS fighters in one of their main strongholds in eastern Syria in a new guerrilla campaign that has emerged as a response to the Islamists’ growing brutality.'”

That white shroud the burial garb of a devout Muslim. Perhaps even the robe worn while on holy pilgrimage to Mecca.


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