Thursday, October 23, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom an Israeli appreciation of the American aerial bombardment campaign currently being waged against ISIL

"Why is [the] Islamic State not folding?" by Dr. Ronen Yitzhak.

Those key points to include:

1. "Firstly, the number of airstrikes is disproportionate to the size of the area it controls (northern Iraq and western Syria)." [too few for the size of the land mass to be covered. ISIL controls an area of land at least half the size of the United States east of the Mississippi river.]

2. "The second problem involves the coalition's tactics. The airstrikes need to focus on specifically targeting Islamic State commanders, in order to paralyze the jihadist organization,"

3. "The third problem is the lack of intelligence. The unwillingness to cooperate with the Syrian regime means there is a shortage of quality intelligence, which makes it hard for American forces to operate in Syria."

4. "Finally, the Americans need to understand that Islamic State will not be defeated through airstrikes alone, regardless of how massive. The campaign to eliminate it needs to include a multitude of factors "

"Dr. Ronen Yitzhak is head of the Middle Eastern Studies Department at the Western Galilee College."

My instantaneous and intuitive response at least with regard to items # 2 and # 3 is ANGLICO. U.S. Marines behind-the-lines units specifically trained for and having the mission of targeting enemy units and providing terminal guidance for precision guided munitions. Paveway type laser guided bombs, missiles, naval and army long-range gunfire when available.

NO boots on the ground however? Or are they there already? Surreptitious and clandestine, sub rosa and all that.


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