Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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Devoted readers to the blog have been following the latest incident involving Swedish submarine hysteria.

This is actually a hot button topic and on-going even as we speak.

And of course remind of the various purported intrusions into Swedish waters by unidentified submerged warships during the Cold War as was the case over thirty years ago now.

This culminated in the famous "Whiskey on the Rocks" grounding of a Soviet Whiskey class submarine.

NOW the rest of the story thanks to Harry at

"WHISKEY on the ROCKS - Many years ago, probably a good 25 years ago [over thirty years actually], Sweden was realizing that Soviet submarines were in their territorial waters and sure enough, one Russian WHISKEY Class boat ran aground and was there for the world to see when the tide went out and thus, we dubbed her 'Whiskey on the Rocks' after a popular drink.  The boat was eventually refloated and went on her way."

     "Right around this time we reported that PepsiCo, parent company of Pepsi Cola, was moving into the Soviet Market quite rapidly.  People wondered how they paid for all this since the Soviet Union had no hard currency and it was Sharkhunters that revealed they were paying with submarines.  Yep - with submarines.  Each boat was worth about $200,000 in scrap value and boats were sent to the breaker yard in Sweden with the cash going to PepsiCo as payment.  They even did this with the old battleship ARCHANGLSK, the former HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN [originally British].  As the boats were being moved to the breaker's yard, one sharp-eyed Swede spotted one very special boat - it was the one that had been grounded, so it was transformed into a park in Sweden."

The Whiskey class of submarine considered as a POOR clone of the German World War Two Type XXI submarine. ALSO THAT GROUNDED WHISKEY DETERMINED TO HAVE BEEN CARRYING TORPEDOES WITH NUCLEAR WARHEADS!!


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