Sunday, October 12, 2014

USS Cubera.

This is coolbert:

Atlantis has been found!!

Place this one in the paranormal category, strange but true, and essentially after many decades verified with more or less absolute certainty.

American submarine USS Cubera on an intelligence gathering mission in Sevastopol harbor during that most early period of the Cold War [late 1940's] coming under attack and in the process of evading the Soviet pursuer discovering AN UNDERWATER AND SUBMERGED ANCIENT CITY THE EXISTENCE OF WHICH WAS NOT KNOWN!!

As recounted in the book "Red November" by W. Craig Reed.

"Not more than a few minutes after raising the periscope for another look, the Soviet navy stirred, a subtle rumbling at first, soon followed by an all-out barrage. Grider [captain of the boat] dove the boat and tried to evade but the Soviet slammed the ocean with active sonar pings. . . . Out of options, Grider searched for a place to hide."

"Bottom-sounding sonar detected something strange on the ocean floor, 300 feet down  [100 meters] Grider took the boat deeper. Near the bottom, he peered through the periscope into the murky water . . . Grider couldn't believe what  his eyes told him, so he asked the chief of the boat . . . to have a look."

"The gods had smiled upon the Cubera by allowing her to stumble across an ancient city flooded by time. The tall earthen buildings afforded the perfect hiding place and just enough cover to deflect Soviet sonar beams."

And from the notes to the book:

"Gardner Brown [crew member on the Cubera] does not know what ancient buildings the USS Cubera hid behind while dodging Soviets in the Black Sea, but the explorer Robert Ballard discovered the remains of an ancient structure 311 feet deep [100 meters] near Turkey in 2000  that he [Ballard] believes was flooded during the time of Noah."

This is the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis. In the aftermath of the last Ice Age [ending about 10,000 B.C.], rising sea levels causing the Mediterranean to overflow into the basin that has become the Black Sea. The Black Sea prior to that a fresh-water lake the level of the sea rising those hundreds of feet [meters] in a catastrophic manner, the inundation covering cities and towns that existed on the lake shore.



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