Monday, October 6, 2014


This is coolbert:

A French intelligence officer having defected to Al Qaeda?

Indeed, this is a startling development and only now is being made apparent. And the man is now targeted for death. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

"Sources: U.S. Air Strikes In Syria Targeted French Agent Who Defected To Al Qaida"

"IRBIL, Iraq — A former French intelligence officer who defected to al Qaida was among the targets of the first wave of U.S. air strikes in Syria last month, according to people familiar with the defector’s movements and identity."

"Two European intelligence officials described the former French officer as the highest ranking defector ever to go over to the terrorist group and called his defection one of the most dangerous developments in the West’s long confrontation with al Qaida."

"The identity of the officer is a closely guarded secret . . . The former officer apparently survived the assault, which included strikes by 47 cruise missiles."

An intelligence OFFICER as opposed to an AGENT. We have to be clear about this. The former if having defected and spilled the beans and working with the villains quite willingly is a much more dangerous proposition. Perhaps the man a CONVERT TO ISLAM?


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