Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Covert & Clandestine.

This is coolbert:

That surreptitious, covert, clandestine and perhaps even well planned attack by ISIL on the Shia areas of Baghdad has begun?

"Militants take Iraq army camp as bombs hit Baghdad"

"BAGHDAD (AP) —  . . .  a spate of deadly bombings shook Baghdad, hitting mostly Shiite neighborhoods and leaving at least 30 dead."

"The attacks, which came as Iraqi Shiites marked a major holiday for their sect with families crowding the streets in celebration, raised new concerns that the Sunni militant group is making gains despite U.S.-led coalition airstrikes."

. . . .

"In Baghdad, which has largely been spared the violence seen in other parts of Iraq amid the Islamic State group's onslaught, bombings killed at least 30 people and wounded scores more Monday.
The attacks, hitting three Shiite-majority neighborhoods"

ISIL has planned their strategy well. Attack the weak and avoid the strong. Those Shia militias in Baghdad are a serious threat to ISIL. Terrorist car bombings make more sense. Exacerbate an already existing high degree of tension and create even further animosity between the religious sects of Sunni and Shia Arab.


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