Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This is coolbert:


And a potential cash-cow too!

"Like the Nazis Before Them, ISIS Soldiers Often Cranked-Up on Meth as They KILL KILL KILL"

"Just when you thought the blood-drunk ISIS couldn't possibly become more repellent or damaging to this world, now 'The Islamic State' in Iraq and Syria is producing its own meth (and ecstasy) in recently-captured pharmaceutical plants in order to earn hard-currency from exports, ala North Korea..."

"If it wasn't worrisome enough that ISIS had taken oil fields and captured piles of gold from a Mosul bank, consider that now they're adding lucrative drug manufacture/export- making the group more economically-independent by the day."

Within the cultural domain of Islam alcohol not allowed. Opiates the preferred drug, hashish also!

It also does not seem that substances such as "speed" type drugs not so forbidden after all. The stimulant ingredient of coffee as recognized originally in the Middle East of course!

Meth, crystal meth, etc., produce an uncontrollable person, subject to fits of rage and becoming a danger to everyone around them. Habitual users also during periods of withdrawal becoming a useless individual and a terrible burden to all!

Selling forbidden drugs to the kaffir I might think not only allowed but encouraged.


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