Tuesday, March 15, 2016


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As seen in the Stars and Stripes:

"Intelligence report: 4 not-so-rosy scenarios for the world"

"the National Intelligence Council [NIC] developed four not-so-rosy scenarios that could become reality given major stresses the world faces during the next 20 years."

1. "— Competition among major international powers sharpens as skittish governments, seeking to maintain relevance at home and protect interests abroad, push to widen their spheres of influence."

2. "— Ominous climate forecasts, severe weather and outbreaks of disease sharply divide countries and groups over how to respond. Extreme temperature change, rainfall and more tropical storms cause humanitarian disasters, overwhelming relief efforts."

3. "— Governments have so much trouble coping with economic and political instability that criminal syndicates, extremists, business elites and religious groups — all exploiting evolving technology — assert control over core government functions."

4. "— Slow-to-no economic growth heightens political volatility across the world, causing some countries to turn inward, take on a defensive posture and shore up borders."

 The NIC is a government entity, responsible to the Director National Intelligence.

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