Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This is coolbert:

Opiates si, alcohol no! And much more than opiates!

"Counter-Terrorism: Meth Means A Lot To Islamic Terrorists"

"March 15, 2016: Counter-terrorism organizations have long recognized the connection between illegal drugs and Islamic terrorism. While these drugs are not forbidden in Islamic scripture, as alcohol is, most Islamic scholars and clerics condemn drug use by Moslems. Yet one of the appeals of Islamic terrorism is the tendency of these groups to point out that there is a long tradition of  'Holy Warriors' . . .  using these drugs in various useful ways."
Ways to include:

* "it is justified to manufacture and sell these drugs to infidels (non-Moslems) to raise money for the cause and weaken the enemy."

* "Islamic terrorists to use drugs to get in the proper mood to carry out suicidal attacks"

* "to unwind after some high stress combat." [chill dude, chill!]

* "Some Islamic sects allow some drug use to help get into a more meditative mood and get closer to God."

A variety of drugs too as manufactured by the Islamic State in their own labs and sold in Europe [ecstasy in Europe a very popular drug of choice?] additional to meth I might understand as a BIG SOURCE OF REVENUE? ISIL street thugs in Europe also levying a street tax on drug gangs also a source of revenue? Cadre and terrorist cells able to sustain themselves with little if no real effort.


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