Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chemicals ISIL?

This is coolbert:

Almost in a frenzied manner the Islamic State now using chemical munitions?

Perhaps "frenzied" an inappropriate word but not that far short? Routine understand the better description?

As seen in the "USA TODAY" section from the Friday edition of the Chicago Sun Times:

"Kurds describe ISIL chemical attacks"

"Strike was first use of banned arms since Saddam in 1988"

Apparently these are choking agents [chlorine gas] and/or mustard agents [mustard gas]. The latter in gaseous and liquid form both? This is not clear.

Instances of chemical agents being used recently by ISIL to include:

* "On Feb. 25, the Islamic State launched 19 rockets on Sinjar"

* "On Mar 2, the Tal Afar district near Sinjar was hit by at least six rockets."

* "On March 3, 20 rockets were fired at Keske Junction north of Mosul."

1. NO WONDER the American special operations forces are so eager to get their hands on high-value-targets [HVT] who may or do have a knowledge of ISIL chemical capacity.

2. Chemical munitions some time ago captured intact by ISIL. These are now being put to good use by the villains? Those munitions as were originally described as decrepit and mostly dysfunctional. I bet!

OH MY! WMD in action. From a rag-tag bunch of bad-guys quite willing and able to engage in no-holds-barred warfare without really a whole lot of fear of retaliation in kind!


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