Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cell Phones.

This is coolbert:

To war with cell phone.

Been a while since we have heard of the Red Maoist forest guerrillas of India. Insurrectionists waging a war against the government of India for over four decades now.

From Strategy Page an interesting article:

"Winning: Fighting For A Dream In Rural India"

"March 13, 2016: India is defeating its communist rebels by installing 2,200 new mobile cell phone towers in the nine eastern Indian states most afflicted by communist (Maoist) rebels. Most of these are already in service. This is in response to a 2008 Maoist decision to destroy cell phone towers in these states. Communications are vital for the police, and enable the growing number of civilians to use their cell phones to call in information about the Maoists. The growing availability of cell phone service in rural eastern India was very popular with the civilians and the security forces also found cell phones were a good (sometimes superior) substitute for the usual military and police radios."

Agents in the field able to communicate more or less instantly with HQ intelligence. Report the sightings and observations of Maoist insurgents. I HOPE THESE COMMUNICATIONS TOO ARE BEING DONE IN A SECURE MANNER.


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