Saturday, March 12, 2016


This is coolbert:

Yet more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile.

ISIL moves south!!

"Recent Irbid clash sparked by first ISIS attack on Jordanian security target"

5 March.

"The clash reported last Wednesday between Jordanian forces and armed terrorists at Irbid developed from a multiple ISIS attack on the kingdom's General Intelligence Directory - its first against a security target inside Jordan. An ISIS gang managed to cross in from Syria, and link up with a sleeper cell at Irbid, 2 km inside the border. The facility attacked houses the command center for coordinating the kingdom's operations among rebel militias in southern Syria. In the four-hour battle, two Jordanian officers were killed and 13 jihadists captured. The rest escaped."

At least to my knowledge this is the first overt ground force clash between combatants of Jordan and the Islamic State. The latter not on the ropes but in some instances such as this on the offensive.


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