Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SMG Silenced.

This is coolbert:

These various You Tube video of silenced sub-machine guns [SMG] most interesting.

Silenced weapons the report of which significantly reduced.

Report of course the "bang" made by the firearm. GO LISTEN!

1. "Suppressed Thompson with Lane Socom 458 Silencer Tommy Gun"

It is reputed that Australian SAS in Vietnam had access to and used on patrol a silenced version of the Thompson SMG, that Aussie response to the weapon most favorable.

2. "Sterling Mk5 Suppressor (L34A1)"

Disregard the commentary in Japanese and concentrate only on the report of the weapon as silenced.

3. "Integrally suppressed full auto Sten build"

A silenced Sten as used effectively during Operation Rimau from the era of the Second World War.

Silenced SMG very useful I might well imagine during special operations type missions.

That degree of advantage as gained in an ambush situation marked?

The adversary less able to return fire with accuracy?

Silenced SMG if equipped with sub-sonic rounds as fired also reducing that report. That too within the purview of special operations almost exclusively so.


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