Thursday, March 24, 2016


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From that previous blog entry the guard force aboard the SS Dunera a significant [?] portion of which was the Pioneer Corps of the British Army.

A unit it seems in large measure consisting of foreign nationals their loyalty to the war effort not questioned, but military personnel in the main poorly trained for the mission AND HAVING A GRUDGE DIRECTED AGAINST THOSE DETAINEES ENEMY ALIENS OF THE AXIS NATIONS!!

"In the early part of the Second World War the Pioneer Corps was apparently the only British unit that enemy aliens could serve in. Many thousands of Germans and Austrians joined the Pioneer Corps to assist the Allied war efforts and liberation of their home countries. These were mainly Jews and political opponents of the Nazi Regime who had fled to Britain while it was still possible, and included the film production designer Ken Adam, writer George Clare and publisher Robert Maxwell. These men - often dubbed 'The King's Most Loyal Enemy Aliens' - later moved on to serve in fighting units."

"Their knowledge of the German language and customs proved useful; many served in the administration of the British occupation army in Germany and Austria after the war."

In the aftermath of the Second World War native German speakers from the victorious allied powers essential to the administration of occupied Germany? Persons such as Henry [Heinz] Kissinger for instance also those native German speakers engaging in political dialogue with German citizens [in particular those junior ex-military officers of the Nazi regime]! Explaining to them that the road to recovery was the disavowal of all things Nazi. Germany after a period of time once more a member in good standing among the nations of the world was a possible and indeed did become so!!


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