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From the latest news as seen at and the DEBKAfile the Turk under attack, those responsible for terrorist bombings their identity it seems not known with certainty.

1. "Suicide bomb attack in Istanbul kills 4, dozens wounded"

"ISTANBUL (AP) A suicide attacker detonated a bomb Saturday on Istanbul's main pedestrian shopping street, killing at least four people and wounding dozens of others, including 12 foreigners, according to officials." []

2. "Death toll rises to 37 in car bomb blast in central Ankara"

13 March.

"A car bomb explosion Sunday at the Guvenpark near the Turkish Education Ministry in central Ankara caused at least 37 fatalities and scores injured. This is the third major suspected Islamic State major blast to hit the Turkish capital since October 2015." [DEBKAfile]

3. "Turkish air force hit Kurdish targets in N. Iraq amid rising Ankara death toll"

14 March.

"Nine Turkish air force F-16s and two F-4 jets raided 18 Turkish PKK positions in northern Iraq Sunday night after the death toll from a car bombing attack in central Ankara rose to 37. A senior Turkish official charged that two Kurdish bombers - one of them a woman - were responsible." [DEBKAfile]

4. "Aftermath of Ankara bombing: Turkish forces make arrests nationwide"

15  March.

"Turkish security forces arrested 73 people across the country Wednesday as part of a wide-scale operation against the PKK Kurdish underground accused of the last Ankara atrocity Sunday." [DEBKAfile]

5. "Kurdish TAK organization claims responsibility for Ankara bombing"

17 March.

"The Kurdish organization called TAK, whose members quit the PKK Kurdish underground, claimed responsibility on Thursday for the terrorist attack in Ankara earlier this week in which 37 people were killed and dozens were injured." [DEBKAfile]

Turkish intelligence and police are able [??] to determine who the perpetrators are in these various attacks? The possible players with a grudge and animus toward the Turk seems to be almost infinite! Who ever said any of this was going to be easy?


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