Saturday, March 26, 2016

Target Israeli.

This is coolbert:

My instantaneous reaction on seeing this headline in the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter was that indeed the Israeli tourists had been targeted. One of those recent suicide terrorist bombings in Turkey deliberately directed toward the Israeli citizen.

"Three Israelis killed in Istanbul suicide attack, six missing"

19 March.

"The suicide blast that hit Istanbul Saturday, March 19 killed three Israelis . . . They were on an organized culinary tour of city. Another 11 Israelis were injured, three are in dangerous condition and six are still unaccounted for."

DEBKAfile however has sources that are not of that opinion. The ISRAELI TOURIST WAS NOT THE TARGET!

"Claims that Istanbul bomber targeted Israelis - Turkish disinformation "

21 March.

"The widely-reported claim originating in the Turkish media Monday, March 21, that the suicide bomber who murdered four people and injured 39 in Istanbul Saturday had deliberately targeted Israeli tourists is challenged by DEBKAfile's intelligence sources. Those reports are classified as Turkish disinformation meant to demonstrate that their MIT intelligence service was on top of the wave of terror sweeping their country. In fact, Turkey is paying the price for its president's and intelligence service MIT's long dance with ISIS networks and open border for jihadist fighters to enter Syria."

The "business" of intelligence as word intelligence understood always fraught with difficulty. 1. Your adversary is always taking measures to prevent you from establishing the facts with reliability. 2. The adversary is presenting to you in a deliberate manner false information intended to trick and fool.

Who said any of this was easy?


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