Friday, March 11, 2016

Atrocity 1641.

This is coolbert:

Images of atrocity as allegedly perpetrated during the 1641 Rebellion. With commentary these were widely [?] distributed to the public in a manner to provoke much anger and provide justification for military action by the English in Ireland. Anti-Catholic [Irish] sentiment in England strongly felt

Cruel and inhumane murder of women and children in particular most likely to arouse the strongest emotions.

Standard grammar and spelling in the English language not agreed upon with finality during that period.

Naked woman having her womb ripped open and her unborn child flung alive into the flames.

Woman tortured by red-hot tongs.

Women dragged by hair while their children having their brains bashed out.

Naked women forced into the open to fend for themselves in the bitter cold.

Man tortured to death and slowly dismembered.

Babies their stomachs pierced by pitchforks prior to being tossed into a lake or a river to drown.

The Depositions of 1641 as a source for the images and commentary.

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