Sunday, November 9, 2014


This is coolbert:

Yet more from another instance this last August of confrontation in the Baltic area. This might have been common during that era of the Cold War but only recently has once more become a common occurrence.

"Russian jet ‘chased US spy plane into Swedish airspace’"

"All of a sudden, however, the American pilot noticed that Russian land-based military radars had begun to track the plane. Eventually, the Russians 'locked' their radar on the US plane, which is usually interpreted as a step before firing at the aircraft. Such a move is not illegal, but is described by experts as 'highly unusual', especially when involving unarmed aircraft flying in international airspace . . .  the American pilot became seriously concerned that his aircraft might get fired upon, so he decided to abort his mission as soon as he could. He therefore ended up flying the plane over Sweden’s airspace without approval from Swedish air controllers."

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And of course NOW Coot.

Aggressive counter-intelligence quite often an indication of SOMETHING TO HIDE!!

Or merely the Russians flexing muscles for the whole world to see?


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