Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tanks & Drones.

This is coolbert:

Russian military interest in the arctic regions only increases and multiplies. Russian of course having an extensive border on the Arctic Ocean and always recognized as a nation that thrives and does well during winter warfare.

Это наша! This is ours!

1. "Russia to Open Arctic Military Drone Base 420 Miles off the Alaskan Coast"

"Russia has announced plans to build a drone base for military reconnaissance in a town just 420 miles off mainland Alaska and just over 300 miles off the US state’s St Lawrence Island, Russia’s state news agency reported on Thursday."

A base for drones the orientation is toward Alaska and AMERICAN TERRITORY!

2. "Top secret Armata tank may conquer the Arctic (Russia)"

"The top secret Armata tank, which will be presented to the general public on the Victory Day anniversary parade in 2015, may be deployed in the Arctic. Yevgeny Chistyakov, representative of the Scientific Research Institute of Steel, a developer of the advanced material, said . . . that the new 44S-SV-SH steel armour does not lose its qualities and can be operated at Arctic temperatures."

NOT necessarily a NEW tank but a tank equipped with armor that is able to withstand the very cold temperatures of the arctic regions and not lose any protective properties.

The Russians are coming!


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