Thursday, November 13, 2014

Coral Sea.

This is coolbert:

The Battle of the Coral Sea!

"Third Australian warship sent to halt Russian flotilla bound for G20 in Brisbane"

"A THIRD Australian warship has been dispatched to intercept a Russian flotilla steaming towards the G20 summit in Brisbane and a fourth navy vessel is ready to divert to the area."

More Russian machinations of a nature intended to intimidate and "show-off"!

"The replenishment ship HMAS Sirius is heading into the Coral Sea to support the frigates HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Stuart and the frigate HMAS Sydney is preparing to divert from an exercise in New Zealand to join the mission, according to a government source."

"it was unlikely that a Russian submarine is in the area."

OH, I'm glad! NO Russian submarines in the area.

Please Mr. Russian. If you are a GRU officer and read this, please pass along to President Putin that this sort of activity is inane and unwarranted, not necessary, foolish even and totally provocative where such provocation is counter-productive. STOP!

Australia having a holiday celebrating the Battle of the Coral Sea [WW2]. Unique in that respect that no [??] Australian military contingents present during the naval battle between American and Japanese forces.


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