Friday, November 14, 2014

Groton CT.

This is coolbert:

As reported on the local news this morning BUT NOT REPORTED DURING THE NATIONAL NEWS BROADCAST!

"2 wounded during knife attack at Groton"

"GROTON, Conn. — Authorities say two Navy civilian police officers have been wounded while confronting a knife-wielding man at a Connecticut base."
Rounds fired by police at the assailant wounding the officers. Casualties not from knife stabbing.

"Navy officials say an officer guarding the submarine base in Groton Thursday night fired shots at the man who allegedly had tried to enter through a pedestrian gate."

"Authorities say one officer was injured by the ricochet of bullets. The second officer suffered a minor stab wound to the leg. Both have been treated and released from a local hospital."

The suspect was [?] wounded and apprehended. As mentioned in the article the incident is being investigated.

My intuitive and instantaneous reaction was that this was THE LONE WOLF JIHADI ATTACK!! One can also surmise this might also be an attack by a mentally deranged individual, the disgruntled sailor or civilian employee at the base, etc. NONE of this is certain at the exact moment.

That submarine base at Groton the home to nuclear attack submarines of which there might actually be some in port? NOT ballistic missile firing vessels.

Decades ago the retired SEAL Marcinko related how in an exercise one SEAL team was able to capture totally intact an ARMED submarine while at dock. The sub guarded by a single sailor equipped with a M-14 rifle and no more.


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