Thursday, November 13, 2014

TF 44.

This is coolbert:

From that prior blog entry:

"no [??] Australian military contingents present during the naval battle between American and Japanese forces."

NO! Naval Task Force 44 as commanded by a RAN officer present and active during the Battle of the Coral Sea. I stand corrected. That combined allied contingent, military units of various nations operating in the same formation very rare!

"Task Force 44 was an Allied naval task force during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. The task force consisted of warships from, mostly, the United States Navy and a few from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). It was generally assigned as a striking force to defend northeast Australia and the surrounding area from any attacks by Axis forces, particularly from the Empire of Japan."

AND as present at the Battle of the Coral Sea TF 44 consisting of:

Ships of the Force [TF 44]:

* "Heavy Cruisers USS Chicago, HMAS Australia"

* "Light Cruiser HMAS Hobart"

* "Destroyers USS Perkins, Whipple, Farragut, Walke"

To all Australian devoted readers to the blog, no offense was given and none should be taken.


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