Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fort Sam.

This is coolbert:

Further info on the man who crashed his car while attempting to enter Fort Sam Houston base, San Antonio.

NO weapons, NO explosives.

The young man a Saudi national however, a student.

The investigation continues?

"College student detained in Fort Sam Houston lockdown, had no explosives in car"

"SAN ANTONIO — Officials with Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston have released a 'local' college student who was detained Sunday following a lockdown there."

Local as a Saudi national attending college in the area.

"The base was put on heightened security measures Sunday and went into lockdown for four hours because of a suspicious vehicle 'that attempted to access the installation without appropriate credentials'"

NO explosives and NO weapons but that auto by itself in the wrong hands representing a weapon! The soldiers in Canada and England both run over first before being killed.


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