Friday, November 21, 2014

Thomas Case.

This is coolbgert:

The fighting airman!!

Here is a combat airman that on several occasions has done himself very proud. During ground combat too.

"Airman Becomes 3rd to Earn 2nd Silver Star"

"As bullets cracked around his head, Air Force Master Sgt. Thomas Case stayed cool and directed pinpoint airstrikes on Taliban positions less than a stone’s throw away."

"With two foreign fighters coming at the commander of the Army unit to which Case was assigned as a joint terminal attack controller, he shielded the officer with his body and took them down with his rifle."

"For his heroism fulfilling both the air and ground aspects of the JTAC’s job during a battle on July 16 and 17, 2009, Case on Thursday became just the third airman to be awarded a second Silver Star medal"

Traditionally the only enlisted air force personnel that might even have the opportunity to see ground combat would be the pararescue jumpers.

Since the time of Iraq and Afghan that has all changed!

Both naval and air force personnel volunteering for ground combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and comporting themselves with distinction. Missions to include sentry duty, patrolling, convoy protection. GROUND COMBAT! NOT infantry but nonetheless military personnel carrying a rifle and performing their military service with honor and courage. Bravo to all of them!!


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