Sunday, November 30, 2014


This is coolbert:

Some commentary on the marching ability of the U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer while carrying load.

From fifty years ago it was regulation and a retention requirement that each Marine officer on a YEARLY basis complete a fifty mile [eighty kilometers] hike.

That march to be completed during a three day period and carrying fighting load and existence load. SUCH A MANDATED REQUIREMENT IS STILL DEMANDED OF USMC OFFICERS?

Fighting load consisting of:

* Rifle, a basic distribution of ammunition and four hand grenades, bayonet, web gear, first aid kit, full canteen, entrenching tool, uniform to include helmet and boots.

Existence load consisting of:

* Rations, bed roll, shelter half to include pins, rope and pole.

A pace of quick step [120 paces per minute] for an eight hour period allowing the participant to easily complete the march in three days. That eight hours includes rest stops, one ten minute stop each hour.

That era from over fifty years ago during the Kennedy administration seeing the popularity of the fifty mile [eighty kilometers] hike among American high school students. A hike normally to be completed in one day and WITHOUT CARRYING LOAD!!

ONLY one-quarter of modern American youth meeting the physical and mental requirement of induction in the military. And fifty mile [eighty kilometers] hikes I  have not heard of in A LONG TIME!!


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