Thursday, November 27, 2014


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From Freeper, The New York Times, and the article by Daniel Clark 

The American invasion of Iraq, 2003, as announced in large measure to remove the WMD threat of chemical weapons, that threat even in hindsight so severe as had been expected.

"Gone With The WMD: Recalling the fleeting facts about Iraq"

"The October 14th New York Times story revealing a stockpile of 5,000 chemical weapons in Iraq was not news."

. . . .

"We’re told that all of the al-Muthanna weapons are too badly degraded to pose a threat"

"In addition to those weapons Saddam had declared, hundreds of his undeclared WMDs have been found scattered throughout the country in small numbers."

"Regardless of the weapons’ condition, Saddam’s failure to declare them constituted a material breach of UN Resolution 1441"

"It’s not that no WMDs created since 1991 have been found, it’s just that they’ve been in small enough numbers that the Duelfer Report found them not to be 'militarily significant'”

Saddam possessing chemical munitions as of 2003 but those weapons:

* Insignificant numbers.
* Degraded.
* Scattered.

Key Points:

• "During the Iraq war, 17 American service members found aging chemical weapons abandoned years earlier."

• "These weapons were not part of an active arsenal."

• "Troops who were exposed received inadequate care."

• "Munitions are unaccounted for in areas of Iraq now under control of ISIS."

• "In response to this investigation, the Pentagon acknowledged that more than 600 troops reported chemical exposure, but it failed to recognize the scope or offer adequate treatment."

• "The Pentagon also said it would reconsider Purple Hearts for those exposed."

Rockets containing degraded mustard agent as captured by ISIL numbering about 2,500 rockets still containing toxic and dangerous chemicals. MUSTARD agent degraded but those chemicals contained within the rockets still posing a degree of lethality.


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