Tuesday, November 4, 2014


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Here from Foxtrot Alpha and thanks to the tip from Freeper we have the story of the jumbo SSX submarine.

"Is This Jumbo Diesel Electric Submarine A True Nuclear Alternative? "

An air-independent-propulsion system ramped up to enormous size allowing for a vessel with the same basic capability as a conventional SSN design nuclear submarine but minus the atomic power plant!!


"Air Independent Propulsion [AIP] equipped diesel electric submarines offer incredibly stealthy and long diving capabilities, but they have remained somewhat diminutive in size and limited in capabilities compared to their larger nuclear counterparts. "

"The SMX-Ocean's size is telling — 328 feet long and displacing 4,750 tons while surfaced (more while submerged). That makes her roughly three times the size of the innovative AIP capable Swedish Gotland Class AIP diesel electric subs."

"With greater size comes much greater capability. The SMX-Ocean is aimed directly at eliminating much of the advantages of the 'SSN,' the multi-role nuclear attack submarine. This is done by extrapolating the latest in AIP technologies into a larger hull design."

"The SMX-Ocean design, which is based loosely on the French Navy's Barracudda Class SSN, is said to offer an incredible 18,000 mile range at an average of 10 knots submerged, and the ability to patrol for 90 days without tendering or coming into port for refueling and resupply."

NORMAL MISSIONS FOR THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE SSN BOATS ABOUT THREE MONTHS. American nuclear submarines able because of high speed with almost unlimited range able to project power literally to any part of the planet! Fast, deep diving, again almost unlimited range, missions more or less limited by the amount food carried.

The French with a "ramped up size" AIP boat able to at least equal the performance of SSN vessels?

Keep in the mind the last time the French tried this sort of thing with innovative submarine design was in that period prior to World War Two [WW2].

The Surcouf.

Enormous submarine the mission of which was envisioned primarily as a SURFACE RAIDER! Surcouf having the traditional submarine armaments but also including a turret with two eight inch guns and a hanger for a surveillance aircraft. SURCOUF SEEN AS THE WARSHIP THAT COULD DO IT ALL!

Surcouf having been deemed with hindsight as being less than successful, the tragic disappearance and obvious sinking and loss of the vessel during WW2 occurring under unexplained and mysterious circumstances!!

The French way is feasible? You decide!


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