Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zale Thompson.

This is coolbert:

"From one hundred yards out, the Moro attacked the guard at Jolo [Philippines], a short sword in either hand. The guard opened fire with highpower rifles [Krags]. The Moro got within five yards of the guard, stumbled and fell. The bugler dispatched [killed] the Moro with a shot to the head with his forty-five caliber revolver. Upon examination, the Moro was found to have been shot four times in the body, and six additional times in the extremities."

Amok!! In this particular instance amok American style?

That hatchet attack on the police offices in New York City just a few days ago an amok style attack resembling to a degree those events as experienced by the American soldier from over one hundred years ago and as described in a MUCH PREVIOUS BLOG ENTRY.

This hatchet attack correctly understood as juramentado? Dying for the faith and TAKING AS MANY OF THE KAFFIR WITH YOU AS POSSIBLE? AND THE USE OF THE BLADE OR ANY SORT OF OTHER EDGED WEAPON PREFERRED.

NOT necessarily the behavior of the mentally deranged person, a copy-cat killer, or that person wanting suicide death-by-cop what it is called.

"New York City Ax Attacker Had Jihadi 'Manifesto' on Computer"

"New York City Ax Attacker Had Jihadi 'Manifesto' on Computer"

"Zale Thompson, the convert to Islam who attempted to kill two NYPD officers with his ax, had been visiting hundreds of websites belonging to jihadists loyal to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) over past months."

"Thompson had reportedly become fascinated with the terrorists' tactics, such as beheadings and violent acts of jihad, before his own violent act in late October."

You the devoted reader to the blog decide this matter for yourself. Amok or what.


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