Monday, November 3, 2014


This is coolbert:

YET one more Islamic insurrectionist group pledging truth faith and allegiance to ISIL and the Caliph.

Ansar = helpers.

"Egypt's Ansar militants swear allegience to Islamic State"

"Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Egypt's most active militant group, has sworn allegiance to Islamic State, a statement from Ansar said Monday night."

"Ansar had previously told Reuters that it sought inspiration and advice from Islamic State, the radical al-Qaeda offshoot that has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria, drawing US-led airstrikes as it tries to remake the map of the Middle East."

"'After entrusting God we decided to swear allegiance to the emir of the faithful Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, caliph of the Muslims in Syria and Iraq and in other countries,' the statement said."

NO! NOT Abu Bakr anymore. CALIPH IBRAHIM NOW! Get it right.

That listing of Islamic insurrectionists finding inspiration and common cause with ISIL contnues to grow. See a partial listing as has been the subject of prior blog entries:

This minor listing undoubtedly incomplete, only partial but nonetheless reflective of a widespread admiration for ISIL, the means, methods, and SUCCESS!



Anonymous said...

So without a proper ground mobilization as it has been stated, the recent and crecent support of a great number of muslim population on the Middle East and adding to that the apathy from world governments to take any kind of action... does it mean ISIL has won over the Middle East?

Is kinda like the fall of France during the first few years of WWII. Apathy, dubitative behavior and lack of coordinated attacks and agressiveness from the High Commands.

Makes you wonder what will be the shape of things to come.

Bert said...

Bert says: ISIL is here to stay? Sadly at this point I don't see anything but that. That lack of concentrated and focused action and will power seems to be lacking. As we speak the American military is preparing the Iraqi army that still exists for a counter-offensive. Good luck. This is going to take time and unfortunately ISIL will be able to consolidate their position and prepare for any onslaught by outsiders. Face facts too that ISIL is good while others have proven themselves to be not! Maybe it will just take time.