Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fajr & Falaq.

This is coolbert:

I might be incorrect here but only marginally so.

Those 240 mm mulitiple rocket launcher rounds being fired by the Syrian government at those Aleppo insurgents might HAVE BEEN NOT PROVIDED BY THE RUSSIANS OR NORTH KOREANS BUT RATHER BY THE IRANIAN.

One of two varieties might be involved:

1. Fajr-3. A clone of the North Korean M-1985 model and manufactured by the Iranian in profusion [?] !

"The 240-millimeter Fajr-3 missile has a range of some 25 miles . . . Fajr-3 has the same caliber, range and warhead weight as three [two?]  known North Korean systems."

2. Falaq-1. An improved version of the Fajr-3 so it seems!

"The Falaq-1 missile is an Iranian made rocket system"

"The 240 mm unguided surface-to-surface rocket is very similar to the rocket used with the Russian 240 mm (12-round) BM-24 system.The Falaq-1 has a bore of 240 mm, and a weight of 111 kg, with the warhead weighing 50 kg.The 240 mm spin stabilised rockets have a maximum range of 10,000 m and are fitted with a nose-mounted fuze."

Crack the egg-shell with the sledge hammer again, those MRL designed and envisioned as being used on the battlefield, open country, and not in cities. But for the despot through the rules out the window!


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