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I  had totally forgotten about this man.

Yet more military man for which the appellation of "Mad" has been applied. An inspired and adept battlefield commander noted for impetuosity and courage almost foolhardy like during combat, strict with his men and meticulous almost a fault during training and preparation!

"Mad" Anthony Wayne. Hero and superlative commander during the American Revolutionary War and subsequently the Northwest Indian War.

"Anthony Wayne (January 1, 1745 – December 15, 1796) was a United States Army general and statesman . . . his military exploits and fiery personality quickly earned him a promotion to the rank of brigadier general and the sobriquet of Mad Anthony."

"sobriquet — n - a humorous epithet, assumed name, or nickname"

American impetuous military officer esteemed for his courage  on the battlefield. Also able to succeed where other commanders failed - - even from a relatively early age another one of those gifted and adept untrained amateurs able to compete and defeat the professional!

Those commanders before him, Harmer and St. Clair both failing, even disastrously so. But not Mad Anthony!!

"lead an expedition in the Northwest Indian War, which up to that point had been a disaster for the United States."

"Wayne established a basic training facility at Legionville to prepare professional soldiers for his force. Wayne's was the first attempt to provide basic training for regular U.S. Army recruits"

 "Wayne mounted an assault on the Indian confederacy at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, in modern Maumee, Ohio (just south of present-day Toledo), which was a decisive victory for the U.S. forces, ending the war"

As has been the topic of other previous blog entries, the "sobriquet" of "Mad" having been applied to other military commanders of recent times as well, each and every man without exception noted for their daring tactics [some might say foolhardy] and extreme personal courage on the battlefield.

Commanders to include:

"Mad" Mike Hoare. English mercenary commander of Five Commando in the Congo, early 1960's.

"Mad" Mike Calvert. Outstanding English general officer of the Second World War, commanding Chindits during the CBI [China-Burma-India] campaign. Mike Calvert by his own account killing a Japanese officer in  mortal combat to the death hand-to-hand, both men NAKED!

"Mad" Colin Campbell Mitchell. English [Scottish] battalion commander of British troops in Aden during British withdrawal from that strategic choke point and colonial possession. Noted for his strict discipline, training methods, and command presence.

["Mad" Anthony Wayne also noted for his strict discipline, training methods and command presence.]

"Mad" Mike Williams. American professional soldier and second-in-command [2iC] of the Rhodesian cavalry unit Grey's Scouts during the Rhodesian Bush War.

Devoted readers to the blog can suggest other military commanders that have been deemed and given the "nickname" or appellation of "Mad"?


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