Monday, August 13, 2012

Free Kurdish Army.

This is coolbert:

In a previous blog entry I had mentioned the various players currently active during the insurrection in Syria.

Internal and foreign elements either involved directly in the fighting or aiding and abetting [in both good ways and bad] the insurrection or attempting to suppress. And Israel also sitting on the sidelines but paying close and intense interests, poised and ready to "enter the game" if need be.

In one shape, form or other those various elements currently including:

* That Alawite dominated government of Assad.
* Syrian militias and criminal gangs allied with Assad.
* Iran. [Shia]
* Hezbollah. [Shia]
* Russia. [supply gas masks, know how and thermobaric warheads]
* Turkey. [with NATO in the background]
* Free Syrian Army. [the insurgents comprising of many Syrian Army deserters]
* Israel. [making ready for contingencies]

Thanks to JCPA and Colonel Jacques we have the dope also on yet one more "player" in the game, the Kurds.

The Free Kurdish Army now having entered the fray as well? Insurgent combatants of those Kurds having also risen in rebellion against the regime of the despot and already controlling some towns in areas of Syria somewhat remote from Aleppo and Damascus.

Kurds to some degree allied with the PKK, the PKK deemed by the Turk and Americans as a terrorist group.

Kurds taking advantage of situation to exert autonomy in furtherance of their desire for independent nationhood. Syrian Kurds also receiving aid and assistance from that Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq. For a period of at least twenty years the Kurd in northern Iraq exercising to a large degree self-government, having their own military potential, and also part and parcel of the Iraqi government as installed by the Americans.

That Kurdish independence movement of great concern to the Turk in particular, but also worrisome for other nations in the Middle East as well. The Kurd long suffering but having a lot of staying power and now posing a problem for strategic planners dealing with the Syrian situation.

The participation of the Kurd complicates and makes much difficult the situation in Syria? Hard to say at this point.

So much chaos and so much division! All chiefs with plenty of Indians but not focused and concentrated energy and force.

Recall the famous Kurd Saladin from that era of the Crusades! There was a man that knew to bring order out of chaos, the man everyone rallied around, concentrated and focused energy the result. NO such person exists today regrettably for all involved.


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