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From a comment to a blog entry from several years ago now:

"A question that I have been pondering ... Why did Hitler serve in the German Army during WW1 and not the Austro-Hungarian army? Was it b/c he hated the Habsburg monarchy, the Catholicism of the monarchy or some other reason? I know he bounced from Vienna to Germany prior to the war and may have been living in Germany when the war broke out. But why not return to Austria to enlist with his countrymen?"

A. Hitler in 1913 failing his pre-induction physical for the Austro-Hungarian army, conscription a possible but A. Hitler found to be tubercular and unfit for military service.

"He moved to Munich in 1913, which was declared by Austria-Hungary as a draft-dodging. After being arrested and returned to Vienna, he was found unfit for military service"

ONLY several months later the same man [A. Hitler] inducted into the Bavarian reserve regiment, swearing personal allegiance and fealty to King Ludwig!

And how is this possible? An unanswered question, unfit one moment but fix almost at the next moment? HOW SO?

That man the family physician to the Hitler family and undoubtedly the same doctor who attended not only to the mother Klara but also to Adolf as a boy and young man, Doctor Bloch has some insight and too finds the matter mysterious?

From the article as published in the American magazine "Colliers" [1941]:

“My Patient, Hitler,” by Dr. Eduard Bloch "March 15 and March 22, 1941,"

"I cannot understand the many references to his [Hitler] lung trouble as a youth. I was the only doctor treating him during the period in which he is supposed to have suffered from this. My records
show nothing of the sort. To be sure, he didn't have the rosy cheeks and the robust good health of most of the other youngsters; but at the same time he was not sickly."

Tubercular as meaning having the symptoms of precursor of the disease [tuberculosis] but not necessarily the illness requiring treatment [at the time a very primitive and ineffective treatment at that!]?


"1 a : of, relating to, or affected with tuberculosis : tuberculous 2: characterized by lesions that are or resemble tubercles"

Hitler indeed if tubercular the disease surely would have manifested itself during those four years of the Great War, the cramped and almost inhuman living conditions, the sparse and insufficient diet, the exposure to poison gas, etc., Hitler evidently NOT quite as sickly as assumed. NOT a robust individual by any means but NOT sickly!


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