Saturday, August 25, 2012

Olympic Gold.

This is coolbert:

"The press of this country has never taken much interest in rifle shooting, and though the big rifle matches of the country involve an enormous number of competitors, they are rarely even reported by the big newspapers and certainly are never treated as fully as are other competitive sports."  - - Lieutenant Commander Harris Laning, 1912 

Before there was Phelps and before there was Spitz there was Osburn, Lee and Spooner!!

Each and every one a military man and each and every one winning a clutch of Olympic medals, gold and otherwise! The sport competitive rifle shooting!!

1. Carl Osburn. Olympian from the early period, a naval career office and a shootist of renown.

"He competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics, 1920 Summer Olympics, and 1924 Summer Olympics, winning a total of eleven Olympic medals: five gold medals (including two individual gold medals), four silver medals, and two bronze medals. He is the most successful shooter at the Olympic Games when individual and team medals are both taken into the account."

"Among American male Olympians, Carl Osburn trails only Michael Phelps, thru 2010, in terms of Olympic medals won."

2. Willis Lee. American naval career officer and also a shootist of renown. AND during the Second World War [WW2] an admiral commanding during those various naval battles during the Guadalcanal campaign.

"[attended the] U.S. Naval Academy from which he graduated in 1908. While a midshipman in 1907, he became the only person to win the national championship in rifle and pistol shooting in the same year. He was a member of the Navy rifle teams of 1908, 1909, 1913, 1919, and 1930."

3. Lloyd Spooner. American army officer a competitor participating in the "most events participated in at one Olympic". Also successful as a military marksman and Olympic competitor almost unequalled!!

"In 1920, First Lieutenant Lloyd Spooner of the U.S. Army’s 47th Infantry competed in 12 events at the Antwerp Olympic Games – an absolute record for the most events participated in at one Olympics. As above, he won seven medals in these events, which also stood as a record until the 1980 Olympics"

4. Finally from a much modern era we have the "marksman" Margaret Murdock!! A captain in the U.S. Army and a woman competing in the same shooting events as men and WINNING! At one time Margaret probably rated as the # 1 "marksman" in the entire world.

"Margaret Murdock (born August 25, 1942) is a nurse and former United States Army officer most widely known for her success in international shooting competitions, including a silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics.."

"Murdock is the first woman to win a medal in Shooting at the Summer Olympics and the first to win an individual open World Shooting Championship. In international competition Murdock set four individual world records and nine team world records."

Margaret for the better part of a decade representing the United States at international rifle competition and more or less the BEST, ALMOST WITHOUT PEER AND SURPASSING THE MEN AND OFTEN DOING SO WITH EASE!!

Olympic competitive rifle shooting using the military rifle, long-range fire with the high-power rifle NOW a thing of the past never to be seen again. The feats of Osburn, Lee and Spooner never again to be witnessed. Indeed only small-bore rifle competition still an event at the Olympics the trend now to use AIR RIFLES AND AIR PISTOLS. The Olympics is supposed to be about peace and good will toward men firearm competition not being in keeping with Olympic ideals??


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