Saturday, August 18, 2012

King's Bay.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to the submariner blog of Vigilis we have additional regarding the parachutists, skydivers intruding onto the naval base at King's Bay. The topic of one of my previous blog entries also.

Perhaps I am not being paranoid? Perhaps I am right on the money with my observations and comments? Others ARE thinking the same way I am or at least have suspicions!

"UPDATE: Skydiving on Kings Bay Sub Base"

"Leading Motive and Suspect(s)? Skydiving on Kings Bay Sub Base"

It is duly noted that on seven occasions such similar incidents have occurred!! Marine guards reacting with rapidity and capable of using lethal force if needed!!

The operator of this skydiving facility too has been admonished and warned about the security at King's Bay and been TOLD to take and assume proper precautions at all times!!

So what to make of this. You the devoted reader to the blog have your observations and comments too?


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