Friday, August 3, 2012


This is coolbert:

Here with some images of famous European and American military men having gone "native", assuming local customs and attire, senior commanders each and every one adaptable and flexible, responsive to the situation, rapport with their subordinates A MUST!

That term "gone native" pejorative rather for these individuals relished!!

Charles "Chinese" Gordon while in command of the Ever Victorious Army during the Taiping Rebellion.

Sir Francis Richard Burton. British Indian Army Captain and a polyglot of renown, able to speak to some extent two dozen languages, at least a dozen fluently. That most famous person of the Victorian era and perhaps one of the most accomplished persons that has ever lived, a master of the history of the sword and a swordsman of repute as well!!

The American Homer Lea as a commanding general of the Republic of China army. The foot wear not right in this image, Homer it seems wanting to be Chinese and assuming the appearance thereof, for better or worse.

T.E. Lawrence. Lawrence of Arabia. Able to pass as a Circassian, a blond and blue eyed Englishman relishing the role as savior to the Arab. Rated by Churchill as one of the seven most important men in the world [circa 1920]!!

Cannot find any pictures or images of Brookes Rajah of Sarawak or Frederick Townsend Ward in "native" dress. Ward having become a Chinese citizen and marrying a Chinese woman of noble birth, perhaps some such image does exist somewhere of Ward in Chinese garb? Orde Wingate early in his military career the well turned out British officer during the combat in China-Burma-India adopting a manner of attire not in keeping with the official line, slovenly, the pith helmet and beard not in keeping with regulation but not "native" dress as defined.


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