Friday, August 24, 2012


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Here with a compilation of items slightly dated but still relevant from the DEBKAfile, the use of lethal chemical weapons by the despot Assad now even more real?

That line in the sand possibly has been crossed. - - foreign intervention in the Syrian crisis might very well result in Assad giving the green light to use toxic chemicals as retaliation!

The Turk with the approval [?] of the American administration now passing out Stinger surface-air missiles, the Free Syrian Army [FSA] now having a counter against the fixed and rotary wing aviation of the dictator. MANPAD [man portable air defense] already taking a toll, one MiG-21 shot down, those Frogfoot Su-25 ground attack aircraft now having to fly much higher and taking evasive action, bombing runs much less effective.

So far chemicals HAVE NOT been used but we wait with baited breath! Everyone is making ready, preparations at hand if and when the worst is realized! Merely supplying advanced armaments to the Syrian rebels might be considered to be foreign intervention [Turk = NATO]?

1. "Clinton: Chemical warfare planned for. Syrian rebels get Stingers"

"11 Aug. Hillary Clinton announced in Istanbul Saturday [11 Aug.] . . . that US and Turkish intelligence services and military were to set up a joint working team to plan for “many contingencies including the very horrible scenario of the use of chemical weapons.”

"Turkey has sent a first batch of anti-air, shoulder-carried Stinger missiles to Syrian rebels in Aleppo. Bashar Assad may regard this as a game-changer in the war and hit back with chemical attacks on the rebels, Turkey, Israel and Jordan."


2. "US teams up with Israel, Turkey, Jordan against chemical strike"

"12 Aug. The United States last week began laying plans for the contingency of Syrian chemical warfare by setting up joint military, intelligence and medical working teams with Israel, Turkey and Jordan . . . all three countries under potential threat have put their medical services on the ready."

"Because Jordan lacks the appropriate medical facilities, the United States and France have freighted over to the kingdom special forces trained in chemical warfare, military hospitals and hundreds of tons of medical equipment."

Again, everyone is making ready, preparations and contingencies made, all on the mark and prepared to go!

"14 Aug. . . . The Obama administration first agreed to Turkey arming the Free Syrian Army with FIM-92 anti-air Stinger missiles . . . The FSA is now equipped to defend safe havens . . . This development could bring the Syrian ruler closer than ever before to launching his chemical and biological weapons against his enemies."

Some devoted readers to the blog will remember quite well that the arming of the Afghan fighters with Stinger missiles during the Soviet-Afghan conflict was also considered to be a major "game-changer" precipitating the quickened withdrawal of the Soviet military from Afghan. Frogfoot Su-25 and HIND Mi-24  previously unchallenged Soviet combat aviation no longer having impunity from counter-attack a goodly number shot out of the sky almost in a leisurely manner,

Stinger too spells doom for Assad? Or will cause an escalation with dire consequences for all? Time only will tell!


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