Sunday, August 26, 2012


This is coolbert:

I was right about this.

The Olympic competitive firearm shooting events at the London Games just concluded so very much different from decades ago.

NO LONGER featuring in any manner the long-range military style rifle competition. And NO team competition either. Such events are still found during national or international competitions BUT not at the Olympics anymore.

See the results for yourself:

"Round-up: Shooting competition hits the mark"

All events where a rifle or pistol used now strictly small-bore, .22 caliber [5.6mm] OR air rifle and air pistol.

That modern pentathlon the one event specifically designed for the Olympics that has a military dimension to it also changed to a degree from the competition as held for the first time in Stockholm one hundred years ago now [1912].

"Round-up: Modern Pentathlon revels in final-day spotlight"

Modern Pentathlon now all five events [run, swim, fence, shoot, ride] held in one day, the running and shooting events combined. You must run a cross country run of 4,000 meters [?] stopping along the way to shoot with a pistol for score your heart racing and beating fast - - accuracy very complicated by the exertion!!

"the shooting and running elements were put together into a biathlon-style combined event"

The shooting/run stage of the event NOT EVEN using real firearm or even an air pistol anymore, NOW using a laser pistol.

A LASER PISTOL. George S. Patton in 1912 would NOT have approved!!


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