Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is coolbert:

From Ynet a misleading headline?

Assad in his effort to destroy the insurgents now employing a weapon of mass destruction, the thermobaric weapon as supplied by the Russian. So this headline would suggest?

"Assad's termobarics – courtesy of Russia"

"Syrian civil war reveals presence of new lethal weapon in Middle East. Israel believes advanced arms reached Damascus via Moscow; have already reached Hezbollah"

"The civil war raging in Syria exposed the existence of a new weapon in the region – thermobarics."

"Thermobarics are lethal weapons also known as 'fuel-air bomb,' which explode above a target area with a massive blast and suck air in, leaving a vacuum."

Thermobarics normally understood as a BOMB as dropped by a warplane on a target, exploding with a force only surpassed by the atomic bomb!!

First used by the American military in Vietnam, a bomb as dropped by a transport C-130 aircraft, dangled at the end of a parachute, exploding above ground, a massive amount of propane gas as released into the atmosphere prior to detonation, once more a detonation and explosion perhaps only exceed by the atomic bomb and no other.

This is not the case with the weaponry as being used by the minions of Assad in Syria? These are a much reduced in size round as fired by the RPG-29. We were just talking about this the other day. Those rocket propelled grenade rounds [RPG] at one time only firing an anti-tank HEAT projectile now capable of launching a fragmentation or thermobaric warhead, much more capable and destructive in that regard.

Indeed, it seems that first the Soviet and then the Russian has developed entire lines of thermobaric weaponry and used same in combat, Grozny and such!

This Ynet article not totally wrong but not totally right in the alarmist headline as creating a sensation and dismay in some quarters?


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