Monday, August 13, 2012


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Dust explosions as an INSTITUTIONALIZED WEAPON OF WAR! Such I have heard to be the case!

Dust in explosive quantities known to be deadly and a factor taken into consideration during particular industrial operations the explosive nature of DUST taken advantage of by the German during the Warsaw Uprising [1944].

Normally a hazard of an  industrial process SOLELY at that moment [1944] an instrument and tactic of battle and incorporated subsequently into all operations as standard procedure!

Almost analogous to the thermobaric or fuel air explosive dust surprisingly explosive the brutal and cruel Nazi during WW2 during city fighting using dust explosions to obliterate in a quite conscious and overt manner entire city blocks containing guerrilla fighters and civilians both. Whole buildings and city blocks totally demolished and laid waste by DUST and the explosive properties thereof!

"A dust explosion is the fast combustion of dust particles suspended in the air in an enclosed location. Coal dust explosions are a frequent hazard in underground coal mines, but dust explosions can occur where any powdered combustible material is present in an enclosed atmosphere."

During that Warsaw Uprising [1944] the German in the habit of setting off one small explosive at ground level to create a cloud of dust, plaster and brick both, a second explosive within moments afterwards igniting that dust and producing a much more larger and destructive explosion, perhaps even leveling the entire building in the process?

This did occur??

Damn Germans! Of course the Americans in Vietnam did something like this too didn't they?



Anonymous said...

Battle of Warsaw happened in 1920 aganist Soviet Russia and it was a great success. You are refering to Warsaw Uprising.

Bert said...

Corrections have been made and appreciate the comment.