Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alfaro & Romero.

This is coolbert:

As it was several hundred years ago as it is in the present.

ONLY from several days ago we have accounts of the Guarani Indians residing in that border area of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil. The Guarani [ghwar-a-nee] set upon by armed and hired criminal thugs. The unarmed Guarani threatened and then shot down, callous and uncalled for violence.

"Full-scale gun attack on Brazilian Indians ends in leader’s kidnap"

"More than 50 gunmen have launched a full-scale attack on an Indian community in southwest Brazil, shooting, threatening and then reportedly kidnapping one of their leaders."

"The violence began on Friday, shortly after the Guarani community reoccupied part of its ancestral land, which is now occupied by ranchers."

The Guarani hoping to regain ancestral lands but thwarted and in armed conflict with outside forces AS HAS BEEN THE CASE FOR ALMOST FOUR HUNDRED YEARS NOW THIS LATEST INCIDENT OF COURSE NOT WITHOUT PRECEDENT!!

The Guarani War as seen in the Robert De Niro movie: "The Mission", the Guarani organized, trained and equipped to fight as a military force but routed [1756] by the combined armies of the Spanish and Portuguese!!

"The Guarani War . . . of 1756, also called the War of the Seven Reductions, took place between the Guaraní tribes of seven Jesuit Reductions and joint Spanish-Portuguese forces"

The Guarani from a much earlier period [1641] organized, trained and equipped by the Jesuit missionaries  to fight as a conventional military force and doing so quite successfully. This was Mborore!!

"The Battle of Mbororé was a battle between the Guaraní living in the Jesuit Missions and the bandeirantes, explorers and adventurers [slave raiders] based in São Paulo. It occurred on 11 March 1641 near the Mbororé mountain, now the town of Panambí in the Misiones Province, Argentina."

"1641 – Guaraní forces living in the Jesuit Reductions defeat bandeirantes loyal to the Portuguese Empire at the Battle of Mbororé in present-day Panambí, Argentina."

The bandeirantes, a motley crew of riflemen, musketeers and American Indians armed with bow and arrow a rather unique military force, that mix of firearms and more primitive weaponry not so totally unusual however for the period.

[recall that a Polish cavalryman of that era would have carried a musket, pistols, lance, rapier, sabre, bow and arrows and war hammer all on the same troop!!]

"The city [Sao Paulo] organized a huge bandeira with 450 Dutch and Portuguese armed with rifles and muskets, 700 canoes and 2,700 Tupi archers . . . The aim of the expedition was to take and destroy everything that was in Uruguay and Paraná rivers, taking all potential slaves."

Guarani trained by Spanish soldiers, that military force led into battle at Mborore by the Jesuit priests Father Alfaro and Father Romero, JESUITS THAT RELIGIOUS ORDER ORGANIZED ALONG MILITARY LINES!!

Christian doctrine not precluding self-defense and the just war what it is called. Having priests lead troops into combat not a contradiction. Recall the Cristero War, the combat commanders of which included a pharmacist, a priest and two ranch hands!!


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