Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is coolbert:

Honestly, each and every time I read about one of these incidents I intuitively and instantly think Russian Spetsnaz and "pink terror"

I am referring to persons able to penetrate an American nuclear installation and approach or get very near to nuclear weapons and delivery systems, or the crews serving same!!

Supposedly very secure and heavily guarded military, DoD and civilian atomic installations that "inner sanctum" of which you would think that outsiders would be strictly forbidden from - - breached and most easily and decidedly so by what seems to be amateurs.

The question I constantly ask remains the same. These persons violating and compromising [in a very general sense] nuclear facilities are wittingly or unwittingly working for a foreign power, the Russians perhaps!

My paranoia is not justified or is it?

1.  "Skydivers land on submarine base near Ga. coast"

"KINGS BAY, Ga. (AP) — The military is investigating after two skydivers missed an airport and landed on a high-security submarine base along Georgia's coast."

"St. Marys Airport officials say they were told Sunday that the U.S.Navy had two skydivers in custody after they landed at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The base is the East Coast hub for the Navy's
nuclear-missile armed submarines."

These submarines are of the Trident class a constituent part of the American nuclear deterrent with a nuclear storage facility also on the base?

Skydivers, parachutists, inadvertently blown off course and landing on the naval base a stupid mistake the result of strong winds blowing in the wrong direction. Described as an "act of GOD"!

 "the skydivers landed on a baseball diamond on base.. . . the Navy doesn't want skydivers landing on the base, but Navy officials were understanding after an 'act of God' like the strong winds that blew the skydivers off-course. Base security officers released the jumpers after verifying their identities."

An inadvertent act of GOD perhaps but nonetheless a demonstration of how security at an important military installation COULD be breached in a time of war or near war unanticipated and unexpected both!!

2. Another breaching of nuclear facilities also occurring recently, persons self-described as religious protesters penetrating security at the Oak Ridge Laboratory, cutting through fences and able to reach out and touch with their hands the very walls of the building that is the sole repository for American enriched weapons grade nuclear material!!

In this specific instance surely NOT an "act of GOD" but an intentional and deliberate act of mischief and mayhem, "protesters" again self-described committing a very criminal act with purpose and malice aforethought!


My paranoia tells me that these folks without even realizing it are working on the behalf of an unfriendly foreign power, Russia perhaps? Proxies testing security for a foreign power and doing the work well?

How secure exactly are these weapons, delivery system, crews, etc. How easy to penetrate the facility or base, how long for security to respond and exactly in what manner do they respond and  from what direction, in what force, are there hidden and unforeseen impediments or is all you need a parachute or a bolt and wire cutters to gain access.

[persons a number of years ago now were very ABLE to disable a Minuteman ICBM launch facility with the use of a rail bender jack and nothing more! This sort of thing happens more often than you think!]

That "pink terror" of the Soviet/Russian special purpose units in those hours just prior to overt warfare the mission of which is the destruction to the greatest extent possible of the American nuclear arsenal. INCLUDING THE RENDERING AS INOPERABLE THE NUCLEAR WARHEADS IN STORAGE OR THE FISSILE MATERIAL FOR SAME!!

That naval base and Oak Ridge Laboratory now demonstrably not secure to the extent desired, such knowledge being of use in advance to the spetsnaz or for that matter any other hostile foreign power?

On my part too, this is all excessive and unwarranted worry and concern of the wrong type? Devoted readers to the blog you decide.


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